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Definition Structured Query Language term. Meaning standard language available on virtually all.


Structured Query Language definition

Explanation Structured Query Language what is: SQL Structured Query Language. Standard query language is a standard language available on virtually all database systems for quering, adding and updating information from database systems Relevant links: - SQL tutorial. - Crib sheet on common SQL operations. - An introductory SQL tutorial, allowing you to work through the tutorial exercises using their on-line SQL interpreter.

Define Service Pack / Stored Procedure / Space Character:
Use See also: SP1, SP2, SP3, SP4 2. Stored Procedure. Procedural code, written in SQL and stored as part of a database which can then be referenced by name either directly or by other stored procedures structured query language definition.
Define Server Application Function:
Use SAF Server Application Function. An API for server software. See also NSAPI structured query language explain.
Define Stand-By Power Supply:
Use SPS Stand-by Power Supply. A cheaper form of UPS (see UPS for comparison structured query language what is.
Define Server Side Include:
Use Include or Server Side Includes. Relevant links: - Apache tutorial and introduction to server side includes. - Artic structured query language meaning.
Define Serial Line Internet Protocol:
Use SLIP Serial Line Internet Protocol. A protocol for TCP/IP networking over serial lines structured query language abbreviation.

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