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Definition Well Known Text term. Meaning WKT Well Known Text glossary. How to use Text Known Well.


Well Known Text definition

Explanation Well Known Text what is: WKT Well Known Text.

Define What's In It For Me:
Use WIIFM Chat abbreviation for: What's In It For Me. It means simply, "what do I get out of it?" or "what benefit is there to me?" well known text definition.
Define Wide Area Network:
Use Network. Typically much slower than a LAN. Typical speeds start at 56kbps but are typically much faster. WANs typically provide connections between LANs that are at different geographical locations well known text explain.
Define Windows Server Update Services:
Use WSUS Windows Server Update Services. Relevant links: http://blogs.technet.com/wsus/ - Blog from the WSUS Product Team. Provides news and tricks related to WSUS well known text what is.
Define Web Coverage Service:
Use WCS Web Coverage Service well known text meaning.
Define Work In Progress:
Use WIP Work In Progress. Typically either a list of work in progress or an indication that a document is still being worked on well known text abbreviation.

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