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Definition Windows Template Library term. Meaning - Yahoo News group for.


Windows Template Library definition

Explanation Windows Template Library what is: WTL Windows Template Library. Relevant links: - Yahoo News group for developers using WTL.

Define Windows 2000 Professional Or Windows 2000 Server:
Use Windows 2000 General abbreviation for any Windows 2000 based operating system. This included Windows 2000 Professional and Windows 2000 Server.Windows 2000 is sometimes abbreviated to simply W2K windows template library definition.
Define Widely Available Network Connectivity Test Utility:
Use widely available network utility for performing a simple network connectivity test between the current network location and a remote one. It works by generating an ICMP echo-request packet, and then windows template library explain.
Define Windows NT 3.5, NT 4 Professional Or NT 4 Server:
Use Windows NT General abbreviation for a family of Microsoft Windows operating systems covering Windows NT 3.5 and NT 4 server or workstation.Windows NT is sometimes abbreviated to simply NT windows template library what is.
Define Web Proxy Auto-Discovery:
Use Discovery protocol. Also known as autoproxy. A protocol used by web browsers to automatically discover proxy configuration settings (i.e. without requiring manual configuration). The specification windows template library meaning.
Define Web Feature Service:
Use Service - for serving vector data in GML format. Allows a client to retrieve geospatial data encoded in GML. Relevant links: - Open GIS Consortium Web Feature Service windows template library abbreviation.

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