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Meaning of Dilution protection explanation. What is case of a stock dividend or extraordinary.


Dilution protection definition

Meaning DILUTION PROTECTION: Standard provision that changes the conversion ratio in the case of a stock dividend or extraordinary distribution to avoid dilution of a convertible bondholder's potential equity position. Adjustment usually requires a split or stock dividend in excess of 5% or issuance of stock below book value

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Definition Dumping:
Examples In the context of general equities, offering large amounts of stock with little or no concern for price or market effect dilution protection.
Definition Due Bill:
Examples An instrument evidencing the obligation of a seller to deliver securities sold to the buyer. Occasionally used in the bill market dilution protection.
Definition Default Premium:
Examples A differential in promised yield that compensates the investor for the risk inherent in purchasing a corporate bond that entails some risk of default dilution protection.
Definition Drop:
Examples Refers to over-the-counter trading. Remove from O.T.C. trading list; hence, no longer making a market in a security dilution protection.
Definition Drop-Dead Day:
Examples The date on which a deadline is final, with no exceptions dilution protection.
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