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What is fast user switching in Mac OS: access their desktop, documents, and applications without.


fast user switching definition

Explanation FAST USER SWITCHING: A feature that allows users on a multiple-user computer to access their desktop, documents, and applications without requiring other logged in users to quit their applications

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Help Flattened Attribute:
Usage In WebObjects, an attribute that is added from one entity to another by traversing a relationship fast user switching.
Help Framebuffer Attachable Image:
Usage In OpenGL, the rendering destination for a framebuffer object fast user switching.
Help Filling:
Usage that paints an area contained within a path, using either a solid color or a pattern. Quartz has two rules that it can use to determine whether a point should be filled—the winding number rule and fast user switching.
Help Frustum:
Usage The region of space that is seen by an observer and that is warped by perspective division fast user switching.
Help Format Standard:
Usage broadcast format standard. DVD Playback Services supports two format standards: the NTSC format used in North America and Japan, and the PAL format used in Europe and other continents fast user switching.
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