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What is key frame in Mac OS: compressed samples that does not rely on other samples in the sequence.


key frame definition

Explanation KEY FRAME: In QuickTime, a sample in a sequence of temporally compressed samples that does not rely on other samples in the sequence for any of its information. Key frames are placed into temporally compressed sequences at a frequency that is determined by the key frame rate. Typically, the term key frame is used with respect to temporally compressed sequences of image data. See also key frame rate , stencil buffer

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Help Keyboard And Font Synchronization:
Usage the current keyboard script is compared to the script of the font at the current insertion point. If the two don’t match, one or the other is changed so the two scripts are the same. In most cases key frame.
Help Key-Up Event:
Usage An event indicating the user released a key key frame.
Help Kernel Port:
Usage A Mach port whose receive right is held by the kernel. See also task port , thread port key frame.
Help Keyword:
Usage an explicit part of a programming language; also called a reserved word. (2) In a PostScript printer description file, a string used to describe a printer—for example, *PageSize and *Font . (3) A key frame.
Help Key:
Usage value (usually a string) used to locate a piece of data in a data structure such as a dictionary. (2) In security, a piece of secret information required to decode an encrypted message. In modern key frame.
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