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What is printing dialog extension in Mac OS: A printing plug-in that implements one or more panes.


printing dialog extension definition

Explanation PRINTING DIALOG EXTENSION: A printing plug-in that implements one or more panes in a printing dialog

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Help Project Root:
Usage In Xcode, the directory at which source-control operations are rooted and that serves as the origin of a project hierarchy. By default, a project root is the project directory printing dialog extension definition.
Help Pmap:
Usage Part of Mach VM that provides an abstract way to set and fetch virtual-to-physical mappings from hardware. The pmap system is the machine-dependent layer of the VM system printing dialog extension explain.
Help Pen Event:
Usage In the Ink Services technology, a mouse event that contains tablet data printing dialog extension what is.
Help Print Job:
Usage The drawing commands that describe a document and the settings that control printing the document and keep track of it once the job has been added to a printer’s queue printing dialog extension meaning.
Help Page:
Usage smallest unit (in bytes) of information that the virtual memory system can transfer between physical memory and backing store. (2) (v.) To transfer pages between physical memory and backing store. (3 printing dialog extension abbreviation.
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