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What is quadratic curve in Mac OS: A curve specified by a quadratic equation. Apple Curve Quadratic.


quadratic curve definition

Explanation QUADRATIC CURVE: A curve specified by a quadratic equation

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Help Quantum Computer:
Usage the logic gates are based on quantum phenomena such as electron spin rather than mechanical or conventional electronic components. Because of the superposition of quantum states (a consequence of quadratic curve.
Help QT Atom:
Usage A QuickTime atom that contains other atoms, possibly including other QT atoms and classic atoms. A data reference atom is an example of a QT atom. Compare classic atom quadratic curve.
Help Quick Look Framework:
Usage provides a plug-in architecture for custom document types. A Quick Look document type can be displayed as a preview in the Finder and as an item in such applications as iPhoto or any application that quadratic curve.
Help QuickTime VR:
Usage A QuickTime media type that lets users interactively explore and examine photorealistic three-dimensional virtual worlds. QuickTime VR data structures are also called panoramas quadratic curve.
Help QTMA:
Usage QuickTime Music Architecture. The part of QuickTime that lets other code create and manipulate music tracks in movies quadratic curve.
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