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What is quantum computer in Mac OS: phenomena such as electron spin rather than mechanical or.


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Explanation QUANTUM COMPUTER: A computer in which the logic gates are based on quantum phenomena such as electron spin rather than mechanical or conventional electronic components. Because of the superposition of quantum states (a consequence of the Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle), a properly designed quantum computer can in principle perform simultaneously certain types of calculations that require a huge number of sequential operations in a classic computer. Consequently, factoring large numbers should be several orders of magnitude faster on a quantum computer than on present-day supercomputers. Because the strength of most modern cryptographic methods depends on the difficulty of making such calculations, a practical quantum computer would break most cryptographic schemes in common use. Although small proof-of-concept quantum computers have been constructed, no such machine capable of solving practical problems has yet been demonstrated

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Help Query:
Usage containing terms and operators, that represents a user’s information retrieval request. Various types of query supported by Search Kit include simple, prefix/suffix/substring, Boolean, phrase, and quantum computer.
Help QT Atom:
Usage A QuickTime atom that contains other atoms, possibly including other QT atoms and classic atoms. A data reference atom is an example of a QT atom. Compare classic atom quantum computer.
Help Quantization:
Usage representing an analog (continuous-scale) value by a digital (discrete-scale) value. Quantization is characterized by a bit depth , which determines the dynamic range that can be represented, and a quantum computer.
Help Quantum:
Usage The fixed amount of time a thread or process can run before being preempted quantum computer.
Help Quartz Compositor:
Usage An advanced windowing system that manages the onscreen presentation of Quartz, OpenGL, and QuickTime content, much as a video mixer does quantum computer.
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