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What is script suite in Mac OS: suite terminology that together define the scripting capabilities.


script suite definition

Explanation SCRIPT SUITE: The combination of at least one suite definition and one suite terminology that together define the scripting capabilities and terminology for Cocoa applications

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Help Script Suite Format:
Usage providing scriptability information in the form of property list files, consisting of a script suite file together with a corresponding script terminology file. Compare scripting definition format script suite definition.
Help Scroll Arrows:
Usage Small buttons that appear on the scroll control that let the user incrementally advance the scrollers without dragging script suite explain.
Help Simple Search:
Usage terms in a query string to indexed terms using exact, character-for-character matching. Each term is matched separately. In Search Kit, by default, spaces between terms behave like Boolean AND script suite what is.
Help Snapshotting:
Usage A part of the Enterprise Objects optimistic locking mechanism, in which snapshots of database rows in memory are compared with the data in the database script suite meaning.
Help Surround Sound:
Usage A loudspeaker configuration with more than two loudspeakers, intended to provide an immersive audio experience. See also 5.1 Surround Sound script suite abbreviation.
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