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What is smart card in Mac OS: memory and a microprocessor embedded in it. A smart card can store.


smart card definition

Explanation SMART CARD: A plastic card similar in size to a credit card that has memory and a microprocessor embedded in it. A smart card can store and process information, including passwords, certificates, and keys. A smart card normally requires a personal identification number (PIN) or biometric measurement (such as a fingerprint) before releasing information and can carry out its own authentication evaluation. Smart cards can exchange information with a personal computer through a smart card reader

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Help Shadow:
Usage An image painted underneath, and offset from, a graphics object such that the shadow mimics the effect of a light source cast on the graphics object smart card definition.
Help Stopword:
Usage A word not to add to a search index. When Search Kit adds terms from a document to an index, it skips over words in its stopword list smart card explain.
Help Speech Synthesis:
Usage The ability for a computer to audibly communicate in the language of the user smart card what is.
Help String Atom:
Usage An atom in VR media that contains text smart card meaning.
Help Scripting Addition Command:
Usage A command that is implemented as a scripting addition smart card abbreviation.
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