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What is sprite track in Mac OS: A movie track populated by movie sprites. Apple Track Sprite in.


sprite track definition

Explanation SPRITE TRACK: A movie track populated by movie sprites

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Help Standard Toolbox Dispatcher:
Usage Manager, the default event target for events when running under RunApplicationEventLoop . Events sent to the standard toolbox dispatcher are automatically routed to the appropriate event targets sprite track definition.
Help Stemming:
Usage removal of morphological and inflectional word components, typically endings. Language dependent. Stemming is sometimes referred to as suffix stripping, although some stemming algorithms perform sprite track explain.
Help Scope:
Usage availability of resources such as variables and objects within various parts of a program. In traditional procedural programming, scope is either global or local; however, scopes can be nested. (2 sprite track what is.
Help Sample Number:
Usage In QuickTime, a number that identifies the sample with data for a specified time sprite track meaning.
Help Source Control:
Usage See visual context sprite track abbreviation.
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