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What is relationship in Mac OS: based on attributes of the entities. For example, the Department.


relationship definition

Explanation RELATIONSHIP: In relational databases, a link between two entities that’s based on attributes of the entities. For example, the Department and Employee entities can have a relationship based on the deptID attribute as a foreign key in Employee, and as the primary key in Department. This relationship would make it possible to find the employees for a given department

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Help RSS:
Usage Really Simple Syndication. A lightweight XML format used for displaying changes frequently updated websites relationship definition.
Help Required Events:
Usage events that all Mac apps that present a graphical user interface should be able to respond to. These events can be sent by the Mac OS, as well as by other applications and by users executing scripts relationship explain.
Help Return Statement:
Usage In AppleScript, a statement that exits a handler and optionally returns a specified value relationship what is.
Help Roman Keyboard Script:
Usage A keyboard script that uses the Roman character set relationship meaning.
Help Resampling Filter:
Usage A function used to determine new pixel values for an image that has its dimensions changed somehow relationship abbreviation.
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