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Loop Splitting definition Linker explain LGPL: Lesser General Public License what is LAMIP: Linux.

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  • Loop-Invariant Code Motion definition Definition compiler optimization technique which performs loop-invariant code movement automatically to improve execution speed. Loop-invariant code compare
  • LMS: Learning Management Mechanizm definition Explain software package, that enables the management and delivery of learning content and resources to students. Most LMS systems are web-based to why
  • Libmp3Splt definition What is splitter library that runs on GNU/Linux, and Microsoft Windows operating systems. The source code for libmp3splt is released under the GNU how better
  • Optimization Loop definition Meaning in computer compiling to optimize loops in the programs. Most execution time of a scientific program is spent on loops. Thus a lot of when
  • Inversion Loop definition Abbreviation compiler optimization, particularly in loop transformation. This technique changes a standard while loop into a do/while (a.k.a determines
  • Fission Loop definition How to technique attempting to break a loop into multiple loops over the same index range but each taking only a part of the loop's body comparing to
  • Programming Logic definition Help logical programming) is programming that makes use of pattern-directed invocation of procedures from assertions and goals. The first logic depends on
  • Lightwave definition Crossword computer graphics program for 3D modeling, rendering, and animation. Although the program originated on the Commodore Amiga, it has since which
  • Pc Linux definition Examples usually a microcomputer that uses Linux distribution software as its operating system and application software difference
  • Interchange Loop definition Encyclopedia optimization technique, is the process of exchanging the order of two iteration variables. One major purpose of loop interchange is to when
  • Unswitching Loop definition Information about optimization technique. It moves a conditional inside a loop outside of it by duplicating the loop's body, and placing a version of it pros and cons
  • LCC: Local C Compiler definition Tutorial retargetable ANSI C compiler developed by Chris Fraser and David Hanson. LCC is simple to be understood and well-documented. LCC can similarities
  • Lha definition Error freeware compression utility and associated file format, created by Haruyasu Yoshizaki. Although no longer much used in the West, LHA how much
  • LNO: Loop Nest Optimization definition Answer special case of loop transformation which deals with nested loops that makes possible large reductions in the cache bandwidth necessary for how many
  • Lurch definition Means what tool that uses a nondeterministic algorithm to quickly explore the reachable states of a software model. By performing a partial and random compare
  • Livecd definition Description distribution that is executed upon boot using a CD-ROM, without installation on a hard drive. It is one type of LiveDistro using CD-ROM as why
  • Language Programming Lava definition Definition oriented, interpreter-based programming language with an associated programming environment (LavaPE = Lava Programming Environment), which how better
  • Program Loader definition Explain utility that performs the functions of a linker program and then immediately schedules the resulting executable program for action in the when
  • Language Programming Linoleum definition What is Linoleum or Lino) programming language, means Low-level INterfaced OverLanguage for Extremely Universal Machine-coding, developed by determines
  • LWP: Light-Weight Process definition Meaning weight process (LWP), confusingly known as a kernel thread, is a means of achieving multitasking. In contrast to a user thread, which is comparing to
  • Server Lan definition Abbreviation System (NOS). The IBM LAN Server started as a close cousin of Microsoft LAN Manager and first shipped in early 1988. It was originally depends on
  • Analysis Variable Live definition How to computer program compilers to calculate for each program point the variables that may be potentially read afterwards before their next which
  • LIS: Laboratory Information Mechanizm definition Help a class of software which handles storing information generated by laboratory processes. These systems often must interface with difference
  • Unwinding Loop definition Crossword unrolling, is a technique for optimizing parts of computer programs. The idea is to save time by reducing the number of overhead when
  • Transformation Loop definition Examples of loop optimization techniques in computer programming and compiling, which plays an important role in improving cache performance and pros and cons
  • Livedistro definition Encyclopedia operating system distribution that is executed upon boot, without installation on a hard drive. Typically, it is stored on bootable media similarities
  • Fusion Loop definition Information about optimization and loop transformation, which replaces multiple loops with a single one. It is the reverse action to loop fission how much
  • Tiling Loop definition Tutorial blocking, is a loop optimization used by compilers to make the execution of certain types of loops more efficient. Loop tiling partitions a how many
  • Language Level Low definition Error type of computer language that provides little or no abstraction from a computer's microprocessor. The word "low" refers to compare
  • LSM: Linux Software Map definition Answer text format for describing Linux software. LSM for a program is a single text document, named software_package_name.lsm. An LSM begins with why
  • Software Libre definition Means what software that you may distribute with legal "freedom", which may or may not cost anything to get it. The European Commission how better
  • C Lattice definition Description Corporation, was the first C compiler for the IBM PC, in 1982. It was ported to many other platforms, such as mainframes (MVS when
  • Kernel Linux definition Definition operating system kernel that was created by Linus Torvalds in 1991 and subsequently improved with the assistance of developers around the determines
  • Program Locator definition Explain development tool that assigns physical addresses to a relocatable program. This is the last step in preparing software for execution by an comparing to
  • Mechanizm Legacy definition What is quot; existing computer system or application program which continues to be used because the user does not want to replace or redesign it depends on
  • LZO: Lempel-Ziv-Oberhumer definition Meaning compression algorithm that is focused on decompression speed. The algorithm is lossless and the source is thread safe. A free software tool which
  • Evaluation Lazy definition Abbreviation optimization technique that attempts to delay computation of expressions until the results of the computation are known to be needed. It difference
  • Linux definition How to free and open source Unix-like computer operating system. Unlike proprietary operating systems such as Windows or Mac OS, all of Linux when
  • LADSPA: Linux Audio Developers Simple Plugin API definition Help API(LADSPA) is a standard interface under Lesser General Public License for handling filters, effects and the like in Linux-based operating pros and cons
  • Tool Programming Lint definition Crossword of tools that flag suspicious usage in software written in any computer language. The term lint-like behavior is sometimes applied to the similarities
  • Language Programming Lisp definition Examples originally specified in 1958, is the second-oldest (only Fortran is older) high-level programming language in widespread use. LISP has how much
  • LAMP: Linux, Apache, MySQL and Perl/PHP/Python definition Encyclopedia Linux, Apache, MySQL and Perl (or PHP or Python), refers to a set of free software programs commonly used together to run dynamic Web sites how many
  • LAMIP: Linux Audio Multiple Interface Player definition Information about LAMIP) is a free audio player. Its goal is to provide an interface which is completely driven by plugins. LAMIP was designed from the compare
  • LGPL: Lesser General Public License definition Tutorial GLGPL or LGPL), formerly the GNU Library General Public License, is a free software license published by the Free Software Foundation. It why
  • Linker definition Error development tool that accepts one or more object files as inputs and outputs. The linker is thus run after all of the source files have how better
  • Splitting Loop definition Answer peeling, is a compiler optimization technique. It attempts to simplify a loop or eliminate dependencies by breaking it into multiple loops when

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