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Utility Program, Utility Computing, User Interface, Usg Unix: Unix Support Group, Upward Compatible.

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  • UAT: User Acceptance Testing definition What is the final phase in a software development process, refers to providing developed software to the targeted users to be tested for
  • UIT: User Interface Toolkit definition What is language, object-oriented layer on top of the XView graphical toolkit. It was developed by Sun Microsystems employees, but not officially
  • Ultrix definition What is the Berkeley version, designed and implemented by Digital Equipment Corp (DEC, now part of HP) to run on their VAX and DECstation
  • UML tool: Unified Modeling Language tool definition What is an application software that supports some or all parts of the processes or the creation of the artifacts described in the software
  • UML: Unified Modeling Language definition What is non-proprietary, object modeling and specification language used in software engineering. UML is a general-purpose modeling language that
  • Unix definition What is system originally developed in the 1960s and 1970s by AT&T Bell Labs. Today Unix is split into various branches, developed over time by
  • Unreachable Code definition What is code, also known as dead code, typically consists of blocks of programming instructions or entire routines that will never be accessed
  • Upgrade definition What is refers to a new version of a software or hardware product designed to replace an older version of the same product. Sometimes, upgrade
  • Ups Debugger definition What is developed in the late 1980s for Unix and Unix-like systems. It supports C and C++, and Fortran on some platforms. Unlike more popular
  • Upward Compatible definition What is forward compatible, refers to software that runs not only on the computer for which it was designed, but also on newer and more powerful
  • USG Unix: Unix Support Group definition What is AT&T Unix commercial versions after Version 7, especially System III and System V releases 1, 2, and 3. So called because during most of
  • User Interface definition What is means by which people (the users) interact with a particular machine, device, computer program or other complex tool (the system). The user
  • Utility Computing definition What is Demand Computing, is a business model where computer resources are provided on an on-demand and pay-per-use basis, while in the
  • Utility Program definition What is of computer programs that support using the computer, an application or a development environment. Utility programs include file management

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Definition of Utility Program, Utility Computing, User Interface, Usg Unix: Unix Support Group, Upward Compatible, Ups Debugger, Upgrade, Unreachable Code, Unix, Uml description.

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