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Numerical Analysis, Nucalc, Npl: Netscape Public License, Novell Zenworks, Normalization In.

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  • Block Nonrelocatable definition What is location in the heap is fixed. This block can't be moved during heap compaction or other memory operations
  • Nagware definition What is type of shareware software. Other types of shareware include demoware, crippleware, freeware, adware, and even spyware. Nagware reminds or
  • Binding Name definition What is refers to the association of values with identifiers. An identifier bound to a value is said to reference that value. Since computers
  • Nanika definition What is application developed by Sagawa Toyoaki. Nanika is composed of three parts: 'materia', which is the basic foundation of Nanika
  • Nanocad definition What is intended to eventually evolve into a useful computer-aided design system for nanotechnology. While that goal has yet to come to fruition
  • Assembler Netwide Nasm definition What is software Intel x86 assembler. It can be used to write both 16-bit and 32-bit (IA-32) programs. 32-bit programs can be written for NASM in
  • Docs Natural definition What is documentation generator written in Perl and licensed under the GPL. It attempts to keep the comments written in source code just as
  • Language Natural definition What is spoken or written by humans, as opposed to a language used to program or communicate with computers. Natural language understanding is one
  • Netbsd definition What is open source version of the Unix-like BSD computer operating system. It was the second open source BSD variant to be formally released
  • Aggregator News definition What is including software application, webpage or service that collects syndicated content using RSS and other XML feeds from weblogs and
  • Form Normal Nf definition What is and algorithms to normalize a relational database. One can only describe a database as having a normal form if the relationships between
  • NLP: Natural Language Processing definition What is to the computer understanding, analysis, manipulation, and/or generation of natural language. NLP is a subfield of artificial intelligence
  • Crack Cd No definition What is program used to play computer games without having to insert the CD-ROM.This act is a form of software cracking. No-CD cracks can be found
  • Nodezilla definition What is software written in C++ and Java, released under the GNU General Public License. Technically, Nodezilla is a secured, distributed and fault
  • Resource Code Non definition What is containing the data structures on which the program operates, for example, 'WIND', 'DLOG', 'DITL', or '
  • Non-compressed sound data definition What is Non-compressed sound data is the sampled-sound data that has not been subjected to audio compression or that has been decompressed
  • Programming Nonlinear definition What is NLP) is the process of solving a system of equalities and inequalities over a set of unknown real variables, along with an objective
  • Character Printable Non definition What is that doesn't have a corresponding character letter to its corresponding ASCII code. Examples would be the Linefeed, which is ASCII
  • Software Proprietary Non definition What is of proprietary software, refers to the software that has no proprietary restrictions attached to it, particularly the restriction about the
  • Sql Nonstop definition What is product originally produced at Tandem Computers using the pioneering Ingres source code from University of California, Berkeley. NonStop is
  • Register Nonvolatile definition What is whose contents must be preserved across subroutine calls. If a routine changes the value of a nonvolatile register, it must save the old
  • Database In Normalization definition What is is a process that eliminates redundancy, organizes data efficiently, reduces the potential for anomalies during data operations and
  • Zenworks Novell definition What is products developed and maintained by Novell, Inc. for computer systems management, aims to manage the entire lifecycle of servers, of
  • NPL: Netscape Public License definition What is open-source license, one of the licenses under which Mozilla is distributed. Its most notable feature is that it gives the original
  • Nucalc definition What is Calculator, is the name of a computer software tool, made by the company Pacific Tech, capable of performing many graphing calculator
  • Analysis Numerical definition What is algorithms for the problems of continuous mathematics (as distinguished from discrete mathematics). Some of the problems it deals with

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