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What is suite terminology in Mac OS: English-like words and phrases you can use in a script—to the.


suite terminology definition

Explanation SUITE TERMINOLOGY: A property list that maps AppleScript terminology—the English-like words and phrases you can use in a script—to the class and command descriptions in a suite definition

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Help Script Object Definition:
Usage A compound statement that can contain collections of properties, handlers, and other AppleScript script statements suite terminology definition.
Help Script Application:
Usage An application whose only function is to run a script associated with it suite terminology explain.
Help Styled Text:
Usage Text that may include style and font information. Not supported in AppleScript 2.0 suite terminology what is.
Help Skip Atom:
Usage An atom of type 'skip', which you can include in a QuickTime file as a placeholder for unused space suite terminology meaning.
Help Self-Restricted Application:
Usage An application that restricts part of its features to specific users suite terminology abbreviation.
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