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Definition of GNUstep for programmer: OpenStep Objective-C libraries (called frameworks), widget.


Definition GNUstep

Explanation GNUSTEP: GNUstep is a free software implementation of NeXT's OpenStep Objective-C libraries (called frameworks), widget toolkit, and application development tools not only for Unix-like operating systems, but also for Microsoft Windows. It is part of the GNU project.

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Manual Glibc: GNU C Library:
Help glibc) is GNU's C standard library, a free software package available under the GNU Lesser General Public License. Glibc is used in systems which run many different kernels and different gnustep definition.
Manual GUI: Graphical User Interface:
Help interface (GUI) is a method of human interacting with a computer through direct manipulation of graphical images and widgets in addition to text. A program with a GUI runs under some windowing system gnustep explain.
Manual GNAT: GNU NYU Ada Translator:
Help GNU NYU Ada Translator (GNAT) is the GNU Ada Compiler based on GNU Compiler Collection (GCC). The front-end and runtime are written in Ada, and are licensed using the General Public License gnustep what is.
Manual GW Basic:
Help dialect of BASIC developed by Microsoft from BASICA, originally for Compaq. It is compatible with Microsoft/IBM BASICA, but was disk based and did not require the resources of the ROM included on IBM gnustep meaning.
Manual GNU Robots:
Help computer game for programmers. The goal is to guide a robot simulation around a maze, consuming food, avoiding baddies, and collecting as many prizes as possible in the process. However, the player gnustep abbreviation.
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