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Meaning of book structure. What is it: the user chooses application help or the SAP Library) or.


Definition book structure

BOOK STRUCTURE title: book structure (KM-KW) (SAP Library - Glossary)
BOOK STRUCTURE category: Knowledge Warehouse (KM-KW)

A type of structure called with a help call (such as when the user chooses application help or the SAP Library) or with a structure link.

The book structure is assigned its own HTML help file (.chm) when it is exported to HTML help.

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Manual Budget Assigned For Persons/Positions:
Help The funds allocated by the budget of a budget structure element for financing positions and persons book structure definition.
Manual Business Document Set:
Help A group of all documents belonging to a particular application object book structure explain.
Manual Base Location:
Help reference from which exchange fees are balanced. In the realms of an exchange agreement, when you transfer product through a pipeline, you take into consideration how far the delivery point is from book structure what is.
Manual Blended Code Page:
Help blended code page, which contains characters out of two or more standard code pages. Blended code pages support an increased number of possible language combinations within a single code page. They book structure meaning.
Manual Business Administrator:
Help Category Management. The business administrator is responsible for creating, assigning, and archiving object attributes. Users with this role can: create and modify methodologies create and modify book structure abbreviation.
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