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Meaning of HR_NAMESPACE in SAP. Explain . How works Hr_Namespace definition.


Definition HR_NAMESPACE usage

SAP transaction call HR_NAMESPACE, usage: \nHR_NAMESPACE
HR_NAMESPACE in English: Query HR Namespaces
HR_NAMESPACE in German: HR-Namensräume abfragen
HR_NAMESPACE in French: Interroger espaces nom HR
HR_NAMESPACE in Dutch: HR-namengebieden opvragen
Example HROM:
SAP help Organizational Management reports hr_namespace definition.
Example her3:
SAP help Branch to Derivatives Structure hr_namespace explain.
SAP help Reorganize Personnel Cost Savings hr_namespace what is.
SAP help Deletion of Unnecessary Work Items hr_namespace meaning.
Example HMXD:
SAP help DG: Hazard-Inducing Substances hr_namespace abbreviation.

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