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Definition National Vocational Qualification term. Meaning Qualifications. A qualification which is.


National Vocational Qualification definition

Explanation National Vocational Qualification what is: NVQ National Vocational Qualification or National Vocations Qualifications. A qualification which is work related that reflects the skills, knowledge, understanding and competence in respect to a specific area. Relevant links: www.dfes.gov.uk/nvq - UK government website giving background to NVQs. www.dfes.gov.uk/nvq/what.shtml#DEFINITIONS - General description of the different NVQ levels.

Define No Reserve:
Use NR No Reserve. Abbreviation used on on-line auction sites to indicate that there is no reserve price set national vocational qualification definition.
Define Network Based Intrusion Detection System:
Use Intrusion Detection System. A system for detecting unauthorised access to a (computer) network. A NIDS will typically use a packet sniffer to monitor network traffic to attempt to detect intrusions national vocational qualification explain.
Define News Group / Nanogram:
Use NG 1. NewsGroup. See newsgroup for details. 2. Nanogram. One-billionth (1/1,000,000,000) of a gram national vocational qualification what is.
Define Novell Distributed Print Services:
Use NDPS Novell Distributed Print Services. An architecture developed by Novell and HP intended to simplify the administration of network printing within a NetWare environment national vocational qualification meaning.
Define Network Operations Centre / No Overall Control:
Use Operations Centre. A site which is responsible for the day to day monitoring and management of a large scale network (i.e. a WAN or part of the Internet possibly also a LAN). 2. No Overall Control national vocational qualification abbreviation.

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