portability what is
Meaning of Portability explanation. What is The character of benefits that may be carried from a.


Portability definition

Meaning PORTABILITY: The character of benefits that may be carried from a previous job to the next

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Definition Primary Dealer:
Examples Usually refers to the select list of securities firms that are authorized to deal in new issues of government bonds portability.
Definition Pure Expectations Theory:
Examples asserts that forward rates exclusively represent the expected future rates. In other words, the entire term structure reflects the market's expectations of future short-term rates. For example portability.
Definition Policyholder:
Examples An individual who owns an insurance policy portability.
Definition Pension Fund:
Examples A fund set up to pay the pension benefits of a company's workers after retirement portability.
Definition Private-Purpose Bond:
Examples A municipal bond allowing more than 10% of the proceeds go to private activities portability.
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