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What is launch specification in Mac OS: LSLaunchURLSpec , used to specify to Launch Services the.


launch specification definition

Explanation LAUNCH SPECIFICATION: A data structure of type LSLaunchFSRefSpec or LSLaunchURLSpec , used to specify to Launch Services the manner in which an item or items are to be opened

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Help List:
Usage In AppleScript, an ordered collection of values launch specification.
Help Label Font:
Usage The font used for labels with controls such as sliders and icon bevel buttons. It is 10-point Lucida Grande Regular launch specification.
Help Ligature Decomposition:
Usage The breaking up of a ligature into its component glyphs during justification so that the individual glyphs may more evenly occupy the space allotted to the ligature launch specification.
Help Launch Services Database:
Usage The data structure in which Launch Services records information about available applications and the kinds of documents or URLs they are capable of opening launch specification.
Help Local Variable:
Usage In AppleScript, a variable that is available only in the handler in which it is defined. Variables that are defined within handlers are local unless they are explicitly declared as global variables launch specification.
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