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What is scrolling menu in Mac OS: Scrolling menus have triangles that indicate hidden menu items.


scrolling menu definition

Explanation SCROLLING MENU: A menu that contains more items than are visible onscreen. Scrolling menus have triangles that indicate hidden menu items

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Help Sample Rate:
Usage the number of samples played per second for each channel of an audio file. During recording, the number of samples acquired per second for each channel. Also called sampling rate. More properly, but scrolling menu definition.
Help Scroller:
Usage scroll bar that the user drags to view other parts of a document. The scroller size reflects how much of the document is visible; the smaller the scroller, the less of the content the user can see at scrolling menu explain.
Help Speech Synthesizer:
Usage converts text into speech. A speech synthesizer usually contains executable code, built-in dictionaries, and pronunciation rules that help it determine how to pronounce text. Also called a speech scrolling menu what is.
Help Standard Apple Plug-Ins:
Usage Plug-ins for standard Apple applications, such as Interface Builder, Address Book, and Quartz Composer, and preference panes scrolling menu meaning.
Help Source Control:
Usage See visual context scrolling menu abbreviation.
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