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What is spin/sleep lock in Mac OS: combination of the behaviors of spinlocks and mutex (sleep.


spin/sleep lock definition

Explanation SPIN/SLEEP LOCK: Any of a family of lock types characterized by some combination of the behaviors of spinlocks and mutex (sleep) locks

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Help Signal Dispatch Source:
Usage A dispatch source used to process UNIX signals. A signal source calls your custom event handler whenever the process receives a UNIX signal spin/sleep lock definition.
Help Synonym:
Usage information retrieval system considers to be equivalent to another term for both indexing and querying. For example, an IR system could define “car,” “passenger vehicle,” and “automobile” to be spin/sleep lock explain.
Help Standard Roman Character Set:
Usage and character codes that are supplied with the Macintosh Roman script system. The Standard Roman character set consists of the Macintosh character set plus additional defined characters with spin/sleep lock what is.
Usage See CIFS , SMB spin/sleep lock meaning.
Help Search Strip:
Usage In Xcode, a user interface element that appears below the Documentation window toolbar during a search. It allows you to choose a type of search spin/sleep lock abbreviation.
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