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What is strip style in Mac OS: dead-code stripping is enabled. There are three levels of stripping.


strip style definition

Explanation STRIP STYLE: In Xcode, specifies the level of stripping performed when dead-code stripping is enabled. There are three levels of stripping available: all symbols, nonglobal symbols, debugging symbols

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Help Stepper Control:
Usage A control for incrementing or decrementing a value. The control has an upward and a downward pointing arrow strip style definition.
Help Smart Swash:
Usage A variation of an existing glyph (often ornamental) that is contextual. Compare swash strip style explain.
Help Session:
Usage A period during which access to a WebObjects application and its resources is granted to a particular client (typically a browser). Also an object (of the WOSession class) representing a session strip style what is.
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Usage The approximate number of words of text that a speech synthesizer speaks in one minute strip style meaning.
Help Single-Fork Movie File:
Usage file that stores both the movie data and the movie resource in the data fork of the movie file. You can use single-fork movie files to ease the exchange of QuickTime movie data between Macintosh strip style abbreviation.
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