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What is track in Mac OS: data stream in a QuickTime movie. A movie may contain one or more tracks.


track definition

Explanation TRACK: A Movie Toolbox data structure that represents a single data stream in a QuickTime movie. A movie may contain one or more tracks. Each track is independent of other tracks in the movie and represents its own data stream. Each track has a corresponding media structure, which describes the data for the track. See also channel , event track

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Help Tail Time:
Usage audio unit’s latency, for a nominal-level signal to decay to silence at an audio unit’?’sutput after it has gone instantaneously to silence at the input. Tail time is significant for audio units track.
Help Texture Matrix:
Usage A 4 x 4 matrix that OpenGL uses to transform texture coordinates to the coordinates that are used for interpolation and texture lookup track.
Help Trusted Application:
Usage An application that can read a keychain item’s secret when the keychain is unlocked. See also Unicode Utilities track.
Help Test:
Usage In AppleScript, a Boolean expression that specifies the conditions of a filter or an if statement track.
Help Thumbnail Picture:
Usage picture that can be created from an existing image that is stored as a pixel map, a picture, or a picture file. A thumbnail picture is useful for creating small representative images of a source track.
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