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Meaning of incomplete (MP-APP-DPE). What is it: complete. In auctions and RFQs, the initiator may.


Definition incomplete (MP-APP-DPE)

Title: incomplete (MP-APP-DPE) (SAP Library - Glossary)
Category: Dynamic Pricing Engine (MP-APP-DPE)

Status of an object indicating that the data is not yet complete. In auctions and RFQs, the initiator may revisit and maintain the object as frequently as necessary over an indefinite period of time.

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Manual Interval Reading (IS-U-EDM):
Help Time-related determination of values, using an interval meter incomplete (mp-app-dpe).
Manual Initialization Data:
Help passed to ADK by an archiving object or archiving class during the initialization phase. This is information the application needs to be able to later interpret the archived data and can be any type incomplete (mp-app-dpe).
Manual Individual Agreement (ICM):
Help commission contract that differ from the agreement template. Commission contracts may be individually adapted to the commission contract partner by changing their individual agreements incomplete (mp-app-dpe).
Manual Insurance Verification Item:
Help billable service to an insurance provider. An insurance verification item (IV item) contains data relating to the service and the insurance provider to which the claim is being submitted, as well as incomplete (mp-app-dpe).
Manual Inactivity Period:
Help in hours and minutes, before an auction or RFQ is scheduled to close during which a newly received bid will cause the auction or RFQ closing to be extended. The amount of time the auction or RFQ is incomplete (mp-app-dpe).
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