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Meaning of Kanban. What is it: based on a chain of operations in production and procurement. The.


Definition Kanban

Title: Kanban (PP-KAB) (SAP Library - Glossary)
Category: KANBAN (PP-KAB)
Explain KANBAN:

A procedure for controlling production and material flow based on a chain of operations in production and procurement.

The replenishment or the production of a material is not triggered until a certain production level actually requires the material.

The signal for replenishment is issued by a card (kanban) that is sent by a consumer to the supplier.

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Manual Kou Ran:
Help The column for the primary income of an employee in the daily and monthly tax tables for Japanese tax calculation kanban.
Manual Key Figure (FS-BA-PM-FC):
Help Balance Analyzer the meaning of a value in the result data. The book value is an example of a Balance Analyzer key figure. The term is used in the same way in Balance Analyzer as in the Business kanban.
Manual Kernel Patch Level:
Help SAP kernel. There are a number of different ways of determining the patch level: In the system, via System -> Status -> arrow at bottom of screen -> Kernel Information -> Patch Level. At the kanban.
Manual Key Figure Block:
Help A matrix of key figures that can be used in a report. A key figure block can contain one or more key figures kanban.
Manual Kitting:
Help Grouping together components into a kit kanban.
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