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Meaning of parking space (SCM-EWM). What is it: unit is parked. Multiple parking spaces can be.


Definition parking space (SCM-EWM)

Title: parking space (SCM-EWM) (SAP Library - Glossary)
Category: Extended Warehouse Management (SCM-EWM)

Position in the yard where a vehicle or a transportation unit is parked. Multiple parking spaces can be combined to form a parking section.

The parking space corresponds to a storage bin in the yard.

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Manual Project Activity:
Help A detailed description of a task in a work package in the R/3 Procedure Model. Project activities also serve as convenient structural units in detailed project planning and project management parking space (scm-ewm).
Manual Planned Total Duration:
Help A date type used in business transactions that specifies how long the transaction is planned for parking space (scm-ewm).
Manual Primary Script:
Help Script whose function is to represent the primary linguistic informationin a writing system. All primary scripts represent either sound, meaning or a combination of both parking space (scm-ewm).
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Help Process started from the affected product. You can use it to consolidate, cumulate, and calculate data from a wide range of sender batches (1 receiver, n sender parking space (scm-ewm).
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Help A counting mechanism that allows the user to navigate through the pages of the result list parking space (scm-ewm).
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