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Meaning of planned total duration. What is it: A date type used in business transactions that.


Definition planned total duration

Title: planned total duration (CRM) (SAP Library - Glossary)
Category: Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

A date type used in business transactions that specifies how long the transaction is planned for.

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Manual Payment Schedule (FS-CM):
Help comprising Start date of the scheduled payment End date of the scheduled payment Payment frequency (such as weekly, monthly, quarterly) Type of scheduled payment (such as medical device, combined planned total duration.
Manual Predefined Packing Proposal:
Help Consists of exactly one item, contains exactly one material, and refers to exactly one delivery planned total duration.
Manual Product Catalog (IS-T):
Help and provides access to product/service-relevant information, such as prices, in a structured manner. It consists of a clearly laid-out HTML application integrated with search and filter functions planned total duration.
Manual Product Group Procurement:
Help distribution requirements planning (DRP) where all products in a product group are considered. The aim of product group procurement is to optimize the total costs of purchasing and storing goods planned total duration.
Manual Possible Write-Up From Impairment:
Help is updated by the system in the case of impairment. The system also updates the Impairment Clearing value field. These fields are required for a possible increase in value and do not affect the book planned total duration.
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