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Meaning of question catalog (CA). What is it: elements from which a questionnaire can be created. A.


Definition question catalog (CA)

QUESTION CATALOG (CA) title: question catalog (CA) (SAP Library - Glossary)
QUESTION CATALOG (CA) category: Cross-Application Components (CA)

The highest level grouping for managing all the text elements from which a questionnaire can be created.

A question catalog consists of various catalog groups to which the catalog entries are assigned.

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Manual Queue Info:
Help the number of requests in the dispatcher queues: snapshot, waiting requests, maximum number of requests (queue size), maximum number of waiting requests, read and written requests. Queue info can be question catalog (ca) definition.
Manual Quick Claim Mode:
Help Simple process mode in SAP Claims Management in which the user can quickly settle small claims (such as minor losses question catalog (ca) explain.
Manual Questionnaire (SRM-EBP-CON):
Help created from attributes set by the contract administrator. If a questionnaire exists, the contract expert is prompted to answer the questionnaire when creating a contract; the answers dynamically question catalog (ca) what is.
Manual Query Syntax:
Help a formal structure of a character string, which is interpreted as a search query by a search engine. The query syntax of search engines is not standardized and must therefore be determined separately question catalog (ca) meaning.
Manual Query Editor DTC:
Help as a design time component, which can be invoked from Microsoft Visual InterDev when editing a project template. With the Query Editor DTC (design time component), you can make a customquery object question catalog (ca) abbreviation.
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