date_check_plausibility what is
Term date_check_plausibility. Definie well whenvalidating dates being passed in from other systems.


Definition of date_check_plausibility

What does DATE_CHECK_PLAUSIBILITY: Check to see if a date is in a valid format for SAP. Works well whenvalidating dates being passed in from other systems

SAP date_check_plausibility help. Function module date_check_plausibility manual. Hot to use usage date_check_plausibility in prompt.

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Definition DATE_GET_WEEK:
Usage will return the week that a date is in definition.
Usage Returns a number indicating what day of the week the date falls on.Monday is returned as a 1, Tuesday as 2, etc explain.
Usage Similar to DYNP_VALUES_READ, this function will allow the updatingof fields on a dynpro. Very useful when you want to change a field basedon the value entered for another field what is.
Usage Read the values from a dynpro. This function can be used to read thevalues from a report's selection screen too (Another example meaning.
Definition DATE_IN_FUTURE:
Usage Calculate a date N days in the future abbreviation.

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