rkd_word_wrap what is
Term rkd_word_wrap. Definie Convert a long string or phrase into several lines. Usage rkd_word_wrap.


Definition of rkd_word_wrap

What does RKD_WORD_WRAP: Convert a long string or phrase into several lines

SAP rkd_word_wrap help. Function module rkd_word_wrap manual. Hot to use usage rkd_word_wrap in prompt.

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Usage Send message from ABAP/4 program to SAPoffice definition.
Definition RZL_SLEEP:
Usage Hang the current application from 1 to 5 seconds explain.
Usage Given a transaction, return the program and screen or given a programand screen, return the transactions that use the program and screen what is.
Definition RZL_READ_FILE:
Usage the presentation server if no server name is given,or read file from remote server. Very useful to avoid authority checksthat occur doing an OPEN DATASET. This function using a SAP C program toread meaning.
Usage Download the spool from a program to a file. Requires spool number abbreviation.

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