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Meaning of IM_ARMA in SAP. Explain . How works Im_Arma definition.


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SAP transaction call IM_ARMA, usage: \nIM_ARMA
IM_ARMA in English: Admin. of App. Request Archives
IM_ARMA in German: Verwaltung von Manf-Archiven
IM_ARMA in French: Gestion archives doss. dde inv
IM_ARMA in Dutch: Beheer van archieven mtr.aanvragen
Example im33:
SAP help Display Budget of Inv.Prog.Position im_arma definition.
Example ia05:
SAP help Create general task list im_arma explain.
Example IQS9_EWT:
SAP help Tasks Worklist im_arma what is.
Example ib17:
SAP help Create FunctLoc. BOM Plant Assignmnt im_arma meaning.
SAP help Reversal of Periodic Accrual Runs im_arma abbreviation.

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