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SAP transaction call VL08, usage: \nVL08
VL08 in English: Confirmation of Picking Request
VL08 in German: Rückmeldung Kommissionierauftrag
VL08 in French: Confirmation Ordre de prélèvement
VL08 in Dutch: Terugmelding pickorder
Example va14l:
SAP help Sales Documents Blocked for Delivery vl08 definition.
Example vb42:
SAP help Change cross-selling vl08 explain.
Example VXDP:
SAP help Declarations to the Authorities vl08 what is.
Example VF04_AIS:
SAP help VF04_AIS vl08 meaning.
Example vku7:
SAP help Report: Total Reval. for Rtl Pr. Chn vl08 abbreviation.

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