level maturity what is
Definition of maturity level for testers: process areas in which all goals in the set are attained.


Definition maturity level

What means MATURITY LEVEL: Degree of process improvement across a predefined set of process areas in which all goals in the set are attained

Definitions in QA testing such as maturity level in Dictionary M.

Definition Module Testing:
Usage The testing of individual software components maturity level.
Definition Multiple Condition:
Usage Two or more single conditions joined by means of a logical operator (AND, OR or XOR), e.g. ‘A>B AND C>1000’. (compound condition maturity level.
Definition Mechanizm Integration Testing:
Usage Testing the integration of systems and packages; testing interfaces to external organizations (e.g. Electronic Data Interchange, Internet maturity level.
Definition Module:
Usage A minimal software item that can be tested in isolation maturity level.
Definition Measurement:
Usage The process of assigning a number or category to an entity to describe an attribute of that entity maturity level.
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