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Definition of requirements management tool for testers: requirements attributes (e.g. priority.


Definition requirements management tool

What means REQUIREMENTS MANAGEMENT TOOL: A tool that supports the recording of requirements, requirements attributes (e.g. priority, knowledge responsible) and annotation, and facilitates traceability through layers of requirements and requirements change management. Some requirements management tools also provide facilities for static analysis, such as consistency checking and violations to pre-defined requirements rules

Definitions in QA testing such as requirements management tool in Dictionary R.

Definition Regulation Testing:
Usage The process of testing to determine the compliance of the component or system. (compliance testing requirements management tool definition.
Definition Review:
Usage product or project status to ascertain discrepancies from planned results and to recommend improvements. Examples include management review, informal review, technical review, inspection, and requirements management tool explain.
Definition Risk Control:
Usage The process through which decisions are reached and protective measures are implemented for reducing risks to, or maintaining risks within, specified levels requirements management tool what is.
Definition Resource Utilization Testing:
Usage The process of testing to determine the resource-utilization of a software product. (efficiency testing requirements management tool meaning.
Definition Requirements-Based Testing:
Usage testing in which test cases are designed based on test objectives and test conditions derived from requirements, e.g. tests that exercise specific functions or probe non-functional attributes such as requirements management tool abbreviation.
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