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Definition of test object for testers: The component or system to be tested. (test item. Explain.


Definition test object

What means TEST OBJECT: The component or system to be tested. (test item)

Definitions in QA testing such as test object in Dictionary T.

Definition Test Set:
Usage A set of several test cases for a component or system under test, where the post condition of one test is often used as the precondition for the next one. (test suite test object definition.
Definition Test Schedule:
Usage A list of activities, tasks or events of the test process, identifying their intended start and finish dates and/or times, and inter dependencies test object explain.
Definition Test Execution:
Usage The process of running a test on the component or system under test, producing actual results test object what is.
Definition Test Process Improvement Manifesto:
Usage echoes the agile manifesto and defines values for improving the testing process. The values are: - flexibility over detailed processes - best Practices over templates - deployment orientation over test object meaning.
Definition Test Oracle:
Usage determine expected results to compare with the actual result of the software under test. An oracle may be the existing system (for a benchmark), other software, a user manual, or an individual’s test object abbreviation.
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