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Definition of UIMA for developer: developed at IBM as a framework to analyze unstructured.


Definition UIMA

Explain UIMA: The “Unstructured Information Management Architecture” was developed at IBM as a framework to analyze unstructured information, especially natural language. OASIS UIMA is a specification that standardizes this framework and Apache UIMA is an open-source implementation of it. The framework lets you pipeline other tools designed to be plugged into it. See also computational linguistics, GATE.

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Manual Unsupervised Learning:
Meaning A class of machine learning algorithms designed to identify groupings of data without knowing in advance what the groups will be. See also supervised learning, reinforcement learning, clustering uima definition.
Manual Utrata, Stratified Sampling:
Meaning population units into homogeneous groups (strata) and draw a simple random sample from each group.”[gonick] Strata also refers to an O'Reilly conference on big data, data science, and related uima explain.
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