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Meaning of operational group. What is it: verification are determined in an operational group.


Definition operational group

OPERATIONAL GROUP title: operational group (PM-WCM) (SAP Library - Glossary)
OPERATIONAL GROUP category: Work Clearance Management (PM-WCM)

A group of operational conditions.

The rules for a conflict verification are determined in an operational group. Operational conditions can be grouped as mechanical, electrical, or process-related.

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Manual Operation (LO):
Help An activity in a workstep in a plan or work order. Examples of operations include: Production operations Inspection operations Network activities operational group definition.
Manual Organizational Model:
Help functional and reporting structure of an enterprise. Organizational units (departments), positions, and employees (or SAP users), are structured hierarchically in the organizational model operational group explain.
Manual Operation (AP-PPE):
Help iPPE process structure that groups together several activities. In the case of configurable materials, when at least one of the activities that is assigned to the operation node is selected at operational group what is.
Manual One-Way Link:
Help or more technical objects between which a medium is transferred in one single direction. Example Pump A, Pump B, and Pump C are linked to each other by water pipes. The water is pumped from Pump A to operational group meaning.
Manual OTB-Relevant Purchasing Document:
Help Purchasing document, which when created or changed requires an OTB check operational group abbreviation.
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