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Meaning of optional activity. What is it: need to be changed. It can be set productive without.


Definition optional activity

OPTIONAL ACTIVITY title: optional activity (BC-CUS-TOL) (SAP Library - Glossary)
OPTIONAL ACTIVITY category: Customizing Tools (Techniques) (BC-CUS-TOL)

An attribute indicating whether the settings of a function need to be changed.

It can be set productive without performing the IMG activity. You can adjust the standard settings delivered by SAP to make them customer specific. The attribute is evaluated when a project view is generated.

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Manual Output Length (BC-DWB-DIC):
Help The maximum field length including formatting characters such as commas or periods for input and output of values. You specify the output length as a domain attribute optional activity definition.
Manual Original Document (PA-CP):
Help SAP systme generates when you release cost planning runs. To post the results of a cost planning run to Accounting, you must first release the run. The document the system generates when you release optional activity explain.
Manual Overall Score:
Help evaluation, the score that expresses a vendor's general rating. The vendor's scores in respect of a number of individual main criteria are merged to arrive at this single, all-inclusive optional activity what is.
Manual Outsorting:
Help Procedure whereby a document is placed on an exception list if it has failed validation during billing or invoicing. The clerk must check and, if necessary, release each outsorted document optional activity meaning.
Manual Object Type (BC-ABA):
Help Subdivision of an object in ABAP Objects. An object type refers either to the class for the entire object, or to the interface used for some of the objects. The data type assigned here is object optional activity abbreviation.
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