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Meaning of re-export. What is it: territory. Reexportation refers to foreign merchandise. The.


Definition re-export

RE-EXPORT title: re-export (SD) (SAP Library - Glossary)
RE-EXPORT category: Sales and Distribution (SD)
RE-EXPORT explained:

The retransfer of foreign merchandise out of a customs territory.

Reexportation refers to foreign merchandise. The export procedure refers to domestic goods.

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Manual Reduction Factor (PA-PF):
Help A factor used to calculate the current pension value when an employee retires earlier or leaves the pension fund re-export definition.
Manual Route (IS-BEV-LO-RP):
Help Link between a point of departure and a destination. The route is the path that the shipment travels re-export explain.
Manual Ranges Table Type:
Help Special case of a table type that defines the structure of an internal table for describing complex areas - that is, the type of an internal ranges table in the ABAP program re-export what is.
Manual Reporting (BC-ABA):
Help application area of executable programs. The program flow follows the EVA principle: A selection screen is displayed, data is imported (often using a logical database) and the processed data is re-export meaning.
Manual RIF Number:
Help registro de identificación fiscal, issued by the Venezuelan authorities to legal and natural persons. The number consists of an E, I, J, or V, followed by an eight-digit number and a check digit, all re-export abbreviation.
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