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Meaning of TemSe storage. What is it: spool, background processing and human resources.


Definition TemSe storage

Title: TemSe storage (BC-CCM-PRN) (SAP Library - Glossary)
Category: Print and Output Management (BC-CCM-PRN)

Data file used to store data temporarily - for example, spool, background processing and human resources administration data.

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Manual Test (PE-LSO):
Help A set of test items used to determine and measure the skills and knowledge of a learner temse storage.
Manual Territory (CRM-IM-IPM):
Help dimensions for a right to be sold or acquired: A license sales contract can for instance stipulate that the right to the television airing of the film sold is only granted for the Europe territory (i temse storage.
Manual TemSe Object:
Help Object in the temporary sequential database (TemSe). A TemSe object consists of a header and the associated TemSe data temse storage.
Manual Task (BC-FES-GUI):
Help Function at task level in the SAP System. Tasks perform business or technical functions. You call them either by choosing functions in menus or by entering a transaction code in the command field temse storage.
Manual Time Document:
Help The information on all time data for an employee temse storage.
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