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Definition of equivalence class for testers: behavior of a component or system is assumed to be the.


Definition equivalence class

What means EQUIVALENCE CLASS: A portion of an input or output domain for which the behavior of a component or system is assumed to be the same, based on the specification

Definitions in QA testing such as equivalence class in Dictionary E.

Definition Exception Handling:
Usage Behavior of a component or system in response to erroneous input, from either a human user or from another component or system, or to an internal failure equivalence class.
Definition Establishing (IDEAL):
Usage the IDEAL model where the specifics of how an organization will reach its destination are planned. The establishing phase consists of the activities: set priorities, develop approach and plan actions equivalence class.
Definition Equivalence Partitioning:
Usage A black box test design technique in which test cases are designed to execute representatives from equivalence partitions. In principle test cases are designed to cover each partition at least once equivalence class.
Definition Expected Outcome:
Usage The behavior predicted by the specification, or another source, of the component or system under specified conditions. (expected result equivalence class.
Definition Efficiency Testing:
Usage The process of testing to determine the efficiency of a software product equivalence class.
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