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Definition of error seeding tool for testers: a component or system. (fault seeding tool. Explain.


Definition error seeding tool

What means ERROR SEEDING TOOL: A tool for seeding (i.e. intentionally inserting) faults in a component or system. (fault seeding tool)

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Definition Exit Criteria:
Usage and specific conditions, agreed upon with the stakeholders, for permitting a process to be officially completed. The purpose of exit criteria is to prevent a task from being considered completed when error seeding tool definition.
Definition Executable Statement:
Usage A statement which, when compiled, is translated into object code, and which will be executed procedurally when the program is running and may perform an action on data error seeding tool explain.
Definition Experience-Based Technique:
Usage Procedure to derive and/or select test cases based on the tester’s experience, knowledge and intuition. (experience-based test design technique error seeding tool what is.
Definition Equivalence Partition:
Usage A portion of an input or output domain for which the behavior of a component or system is assumed to be the same, based on the specification error seeding tool meaning.
Definition Exercised:
Usage A program element is said to be exercised by a test case when the input value causes the execution of that element, such as a statement, decision, or other structural element error seeding tool abbreviation.
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