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Definition of error tolerance for testers: operation despite the presence of erroneous inputs.


Definition error tolerance

What means ERROR TOLERANCE: The ability of a system or component to continue normal operation despite the presence of erroneous inputs

Definitions in QA testing such as error tolerance in Dictionary E.

Definition Exit Criteria:
Usage and specific conditions, agreed upon with the stakeholders, for permitting a process to be officially completed. The purpose of exit criteria is to prevent a task from being considered completed when error tolerance.
Definition Entry Criteria:
Usage and specific conditions for permitting a process to go forward with a defined task, e.g. test phase. The purpose of entry criteria is to prevent a task from starting which would entail more (wasted error tolerance.
Definition Error Seeding:
Usage intentionally adding known defects to those already in the component or system for the purpose of monitoring the rate of detection and removal, and estimating the number of remaining defects. (fault error tolerance.
Definition Exit Point:
Usage An executable statement or process step which defines a point at which a given process is intended to cease error tolerance.
Definition EFQM (European Foundation For Quality Management) Excellence Mode:
Usage framework for an organisation's quality management system, defined and owned by the European Foundation for Quality Management, based on five 'Enabling' criteria (covering what an error tolerance.
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