interoperability what is
Definition of interoperability for testers: or more specified components or systems. (functionality.


Definition interoperability

What means INTEROPERABILITY: The capability of the software product to interact with one or more specified components or systems. (functionality)

Definitions in QA testing such as interoperability in Dictionary I.

Definition Input Domain:
Usage The set from which valid input values can be selected. (domain interoperability definition.
Definition Instrumentation:
Usage The insertion of additional code into the program in order to collect information about program behavior during execution, e.g. for measuring code coverage interoperability explain.
Definition Input:
Usage A variable (whether stored within a component or outside) that is read by a component interoperability what is.
Definition Isolation Testing:
Usage Testing of individual components in isolation from surrounding components, with surrounding components being simulated by stubs and drivers, if needed interoperability meaning.
Definition Interoperability Testing:
Usage The process of testing to determine the interoperability of a software product. (functionality testing interoperability abbreviation.
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