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Definition of learning (IDEAL) for testers: experiences and improves one’s ability to adopt new.


Definition learning (IDEAL)

What means LEARNING (IDEAL): The phase within the IDEAL model where one learns from experiences and improves one’s ability to adopt new processes and technologies in the future. The learning phase consists of the activities: analyze and validate, and propose future actions.(IDEAL)

Definitions in QA testing such as learning (IDEAL) in Dictionary L.

Definition Lead Assessor:
Usage The person who leads an assessment. In some cases, for instance CMMi and TMMi when formal assessments are conducted, the lead-assessor must be accredited and formally trained learning (ideal).
Definition Link Testing:
Usage Testing performed to expose defects in the interfaces and interaction between integrated components. (component integration testing learning (ideal).
Definition Logic-Driven Testing:
Usage Testing based on an analysis of the internal structure of the component or system. (white box testing learning (ideal).
Definition Level Test Plan:
Usage A test plan that typically addresses one test level. (test plan learning (ideal).
Definition LCSAJ Coverage:
Usage The percentage of LCSAJs of a component that have been exercised by a test suite. 100% LCSAJ coverage implies 100% decision coverage learning (ideal).
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