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Definition of link testing for testers: interaction between integrated components. (component.


Definition link testing

What means LINK TESTING: Testing performed to expose defects in the interfaces and interaction between integrated components. (component integration testing)

Definitions in QA testing such as link testing in Dictionary L.

Definition Learnability:
Usage The capability of the software product to enable the user to learn its application. (usability link testing.
Definition Lifecycle Schemat:
Usage A partitioning of the life of a product or project into phases.(software lifecycle link testing.
Definition Lead Assessor:
Usage The person who leads an assessment. In some cases, for instance CMMi and TMMi when formal assessments are conducted, the lead-assessor must be accredited and formally trained link testing.
Definition Load Testing:
Usage performance testing conducted to evaluate the behavior of a component or system with increasing load, e.g. numbers of parallel users and/or numbers of transactions, to determine what load can be link testing.
Definition Load Profile:
Usage the activity which a component or system being tested may experience in production. A load profile consists of a designated number of virtual users who process a defined set of transactions in a link testing.
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